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The Give and Get

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The Unexpected Reason Why It’s Easier for the Rich to Save and Harder for the Poor

That feeling when you see a low-income person with nicer stuff than you My mother had heard that some kids at our church couldn’t afford new clothes. So she asked me to help her pick […]

Unforgettable Personal Finance Articles that Actually Changed My Life

I’ve got the “earn money, save money” thing down. So why do I keep reading personal finance articles? Probably for the chance that they will inspire. When we talk about money, we aren’t always talking […]

What Amazing Things Would You Do With Your Money if You Weren’t So Gigantically Afraid?

Spiders, heights, violence, mothers-in-law – we all have our fears. But are we responding to our fears in a productive way? And do we have to live in fear for the rest of our lives?

How to Meet Excellent People, Eat and Drink, and Support a Fantastic Cause for (Basically) Free

Last night, I got dolled up in an evening gown and heels, got my makeup professionally done, and went to a $1,000/seat gala. For dinner, I had amazingly tender short ribs, bright green beans, creamy […]

Believing This Myth is Keeping You Perpetually Broke

Photo by Luca Zanon on Unsplash An equity partner at my firm once asked me how I was and I replied with what I thought was the perfect answer – “Good. Busy.” He gave me a quizzical look […]

The Weird and Easy Hack I Use to Make Failure Fun

I made a resolution this year to apply to one guest post and one job every week. This means I’m putting myself out there, but also means I’m getting a lot of rejection. Rejection is […]

S%&* Bad Advice Personal Finance Bloggers Give

Look, I’ve done some stupid things to save money, but I don’t recommend those tips to anyone else. I’ve seen a lot of the advice below on different blogs and I think, hey, no one follow these, ok? Let’s not be jerks.

PSA: Every Woman’s Job is as Important as any Other Woman’s Job

In an article about an upcoming movie featuring gun-toting women with STEM degrees, the characters were called “badass bitches.”  I thought, if these women were baby-toting women with sociology degrees – are these not badass […]

A Noncomprehensive List of items I Buy on eBay to Save Money

eBay used to be the place where I would buy expensive items on the cheap. But eBay has grown to sell basically everything for cheap. I use it to buy anything and everything these days. […]

The Unexpected Childhood Lesson that Makes Frugal Living Easy

I remember my very first doll. I was 9 or some age that is quite old for a first doll. My dad had won some raffle with the booby prize of two dolls. Luckily he […]

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