Month: September 2016

The Benefits of Saving Even Small Amounts

Small but mighty! It’s been well publicized that the savings rate for middle-class Americans hovers around 0%. However, with an improving economy and rising wages, the reason for the paltry savings rate might not be lack of […]

Why You Should Buy Stuff, Not Experiences

  The science has come in and you will obtain more happiness by buying experiences over stuff. However, I just don’t buy it (pun intended).  I will admit that I’m guilty of a love for shopping and a love for […]

The Only Financial Lesson You Will Ever Need

You may have heard that old saying that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s indifference. Sometimes two ideas seem to be at complete odds with each other when they’re actually two sides […]

How I saved Tens of Thousands while in Law School

I didn’t take out the max loans The max loans I could take for three years of loan school was about $180k, but I ended up with about $92k (and $20k of credit card debt). […]

The Questionable Way I Saved $65k in 4 years for Law School on an Entry Level Salary

It was spring of my fourth year at college and I was barreling toward graduation with a job offer with the federal government. This was pre-recession so this was more or less average, instead of […]

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