6 Month Anniversary

Today is the 6 month anniversary of my broken engagement. It was the day before my birthday because I didn’t want to go into my birthday not knowing. So the anniversary is clear in my head.

Like the type-A nutjob that I had, I had given myself a deadline to “get better.” It was 6 months. So now that I’ve reached the deadline – no more Mr. Nice Me. No more sleeping in. No more crying in bed. In an effort to help my goals, I’m plunging into meeting new people. I’ve started rock climbing. The weather has gotten nice and I’m biking to work more regularly. I’ve joined some meetups. I’m trying to attend a new bible study (because mine will likely end soon and this one will hopefully be closer). I’m networking on LinkedIn and Twitter. I joined Bumble yesterday but mostly to have someone to talk to. B has cut off contact mostly. I need to stop talking to my ex, who has his own girlfriend. I feel like a great burden on my friends. I do need to reach out to my therapist again. I saw someone on Craigslist that posted that she just wanted to hear about someone else’s problems to distract her from her own. I wrote to her about mine and never heard back.

So you shouldn’t feel sorry for me because it’s time I stop feeling sorry for myself.

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