17 Meals to Cook without Going to the Grocery Store

Sometimes I feel like the laziest or most anxious person in the world but sometimes the thought of going grocery shopping seems like a huge undertaking. (In my defense, I don’t have a car and we’re currently under a monsoon watch.) Ditto going out to eat as a single person. And I’m really not a delivery kind of girl (never got into the habit). So what’s a girl to do but make meals with what she already has in the apartment she never wants to leave?
Thankfully, years of cooking and being single (and being too tired to go to the grocery store) has led me to be quite crafty with my meals. I once went a month without going to the grocery store and actually came out in the negative for grocery spending (I returned some spices I was never going to use). So long as I have eggs, rice and soy sauce, I’m pretty happy. Thankfully it doesn’t have to come to that very often.
Below are meals I can prepare for myself currently with ingredients in my pantry and fridge/freezer with the ingredients listed next to them. I will admit though that I will very soon run out of eggs and coconut milk/milk and greek yogurt, and without those options, the pickings will be much scarcer!

1. Bacon wrapped dates (bacon, dates)
2. Popcorn (popcorn kernels, butter/oil, spices)
3. Scones and jelly/lemon curd (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk, butter, jelly, lemon curd)
4. Mango coconut ice cream (frozen mango, coconut milk, greek yogurt, honey)
5. Broiled chicken thighs, stove top stuffing and sauteed peas (2 chicken thighs, salt, pepper, stove top stuffing, butter, peas)
6. Shrimp pan fried noodles (dried noodles, shrimp, assorted vegetables, soy sauce, stock)
7. Eggs, bacon and hash browns (just those ingredients)
8. Fried tofu, rice and seaweed salad (tofu, flour, oil, rice, seaweed salad)
9. Broiled chicken thighs, chickpea pasta, spinach (chicken thighs, pasta, salt, spinach, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, anchovies, onions, garlic)
10. Spinach and pea risotto (pea, stock, rice, white wine, parmesan, onion, butter)
11. Waffles (flour, sugar, eggs)
12. Pork belly with roast vegetables and rice (pork belly, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, oil, spices, vegetables, rice)
13. Bacon and spanakopita (just those ingredients)
14. Tempura shrimp, radishes, onions carrots and seaweed salad (flour, corn starch, seltzer, salt, eggs (optional), soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, hot sauce)
15. Salmon with spinach and radish salad (salmon, spinach, radish, olive oil, lemons)
16. Omelet (canned salmon, spinach, eggs, tomatoes, green onions)
17. Ramen (ramen, eggs, green onions)
What about you? What kinds of meals can you cook with what’s left in your kitchen?

One thought on “17 Meals to Cook without Going to the Grocery Store

  1. We were getting down to slim pickings. But to me (child would disagree) still have much to eat.
    – salmon, rice, broccoli
    – eggs, potatoes, bacon
    – dal and rice
    – salsa and corn tortillas fried into chips
    – black bean breakfast tacos
    – oatmeal raisin cookies
    – oatmeal
    – soup
    – ramen
    – mushroom and cabbage yakisoba
    – spaghetti

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