The Secret to Getting Up Early

I come from an early morning family. Sleeping in on a weekend meant waking at 7am. On a typical weekday, I had to leave the house at 6:05am to get to school but I loved sleep so much that I slept until about 5:55 and spent every morning running down the driveway.

Surprisingly, it turns out that I’m a morning person. I can lay in bed languidly killing time, and when I finally look at my watch, sometimes it still says 5:40.

Though I find WAKING pretty easy, it makes no difference for productivity if you don’t actually get out of bed. I can see 5:40 on my watch and then stay in bed until 7:30. This is where I find the most difficulty. Sleep is wonderful. It’s hard to think of a reason to leave the beauty of sleep for what lies ahead of me in the day. I find, unsurprisingly, when my sleep life is better than my waking life, that I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed.

So unfortunately, what I believe to be the secret to getting out of bed is nothing as easy and quantifiable as hours of sleep or reducing caffeine. It is not as easy to purchase as a fancy alarm clock. When I am fully awake in bed, I think about what I have to look forward to in the day.

Ideally, my life would be so thrilling and exciting that I would be thrilled to wake up every morning as early as possible to greet it. But that’s often not true. I spend a lot of my time, too much time, in dread.

And while having something small to look forward to in the morning – my bike ride, a cappuccino, a new outfit – might offer some incentive to get out of bed, it isn’t enough to get rid of the dread. (Whoa, this is a really sad post).

This is what gets me out of bed though: thinking about the goals that I have to make my life better. Today I’m going to look for another job. Today I’m going to meet someone special. Today I’m going to write a blog post that is going to go viral and make me a millionaire.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Ok, so I lie to myself.

But if I can’t be happy, I can be optimistic. I can celebrate the journey. I can start the journey, starting with the second I get out of bed.

I can’t wait.


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