How to Cultivate Abundance, Part 1

The problem with frugality is that it seems to go hand in hand with a feeling of scarcity. When I was paying down my debt, it certainly felt like I was fighting for every last scrap. And even after my debt had been paid, I looked at my paltry bank account and still felt fear. After I had saved some more, I wondered, when would I ever feel like I have enough? What is the exact number?

I tried to answer this question by reading books. As if there was some set value that was scientifically proven to make anyone say “aha! I’ve made it!” But of course there’s not. There are billionaires who want more. There are people who have nothing who want for nothing.

I read a story on Quora about an elderly woman who was about to be shown her new room in a retirement center. The woman said she loved her new room. Confused, the attendant pointed out that she hadn’t even seen the room yet. But the woman said, I know I love it because she had already decided to love it. It didn’t really matter what the room looked like. As she reasoned, happiness was a choice. And she was choosing it before she knew about the circumstances.

I think its’ the same with abundance. You can’t pick a number and say, that’s when I’ll feel the abundance. Because you will find that you will reach that amount (hopefully you’ll reach that amount) and your feelings won’t change. You think the external circumstances affect how you feel inside. But it’s not the money that changes your feelings. It’s you. You make the feeling. You make the decision. Abundance comes from within. Feeling abundance is a choice that we make for ourselves every day, every minute.

What do you think? Do you think you can ever truly feel abundant?

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