Spending Money to Become Someone Else

I love boho style. I associate boho clothes and interior design with its bright colors and daring prints with being carefree, i.e. like a bohemian. That’s what the marketers want you to believe.

In reality, half of my wardrobe is black. A quarter is neutral or white. And a quarter has color. Solid primary colors. There are very few patterns.

If you were to describe my style, it’d be corporate.
If you were to describe my personality, it’d be paranoid.

So it should come as no surprise why I gravitate to boho. It represents a different version of me. A fun, fantasy version of myself. But I never buy boho clothes because I realize that it’s a fantasy and for whatever reason, I look really bad in them. Maybe the ads are transformative, but the clothes, they are not.

I think we all have a vision of ourselves as how we’d like to be. I wonder how many of us buy things to fit that person, instead of the person we actually are. And I wonder if forgetting to feed and clothe the fantasy person means accepting who we really are. Or if it means we’ve given up on our dreams.

But hey, I look really good in black.


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