Hack Your Days to Have a Better Life: Advice from “How to Have a Good Day”

Ok I didn’t finish reading this book. But I skimmed it and there’s an appendix that lists all the best practices as an easy shortcut. Here are the most helpful tips I found.

Before Work

  • Think about something you’re looking forward to.
  • Set your intentions. What matters most today? What does that mean for my attitude, intention, attention and actions? What specific goals should I set for the day? Try to keep these answers in mind.
  • Visualize the most important thing you’re doing today and picture yourself doing your best. Notice what you’re doing and saying.

As you get started.

  • Batch your tasks. Plan a block of uninterrupted working for your most complex tasks. Answer email at specified times.
  • Prime yourself and set the toneDecide what mental attributes you most need to be successful today and cue a song or image to remind you of this attitude.
  • Schedule play/thinking time.
  • Assume good person, bad circumstances.
  • Fake a good mood by smiling.
  • Label any frustrations and write down what the facts are and how they make you feel.
  • Take breaks to stretch.


  • Connect with someone.
  • Do some exercise.

For each task

  • Maximize your motivation. Ask yourself: What’s most interesting about this task? What’s the bigger reasonf ro getting this done?
  • Start on a positive note – Ask what’s going well so far.
  • Get unstuck. If something has been on your to-do list for awhile, be honest about what’s getting in the way. If it’s something you still want to do, think about what the smallest first step would be and replace your to-do list item with that step.

At the end of the day

  • Write the 3 best things that happened today.
  • Avoid screens right before bedtime.

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