Month: December 2017

Why “Frugal” is My Least Favorite F-word

Don’t you hate it when you share something with a friend and instead of mindlessly complimenting it, and you, by extension, they offer completely valid criticism? Me too. Please keep mindlessly complimenting this blog. Thank […]

My Favorite Books and Podcasts of 2017

It’s sometimes surprising that I have a full time job because I consume an inordinate amount of media (it probably comes from being single and not having kids or friends). So far this year, 68 […]

Three Reasons Your Budget Sucks

Let’s face it – following a budget sucks. Setting the monthly food budget, for instance, may be easy but following the budget requires a never-ending slew of decisions and judgments.  Caviar or foie gras? (maybe […]

Cook at Home: Save Money, Save the Country

When I was just starting out as an adult, my mother chastised me for eating out too often (which was never more than a few times a week). She said eating out would make me […]

You Are What You Give: A List of Charities Worth Supporting

In case you need some inspiration about which charities to which you should direct your year-end donations, these are the ones I support: Groceryships  I read about this charity from goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s magazine. They […]

How to Conquer Your Fears

I did something scary the other day (I can’t remember what it was exactly). And I remember a moment of fear when I thought I would just turn back. So I thought of the worst […]

Why Having a Purpose is More Important than Having a Budget

If you read biographies of successful people, the beginning is often very tragic (and sometimes the middle and the end, as well).* I remember reading about Mission Chinese Danny Bowien’s early years as a cook at a […]

What Amount of Money is Not Worth Saving?

When I was a kid, I thought my family was poor. So poor in fact that when we would eat out, I would get the cheapest item on the menu – chicken fried rice. I’ve […]

How Watching TV Can Help you Reach your New Year’s Goals

I would love to see the meetings where TV commercial directors make pitches. Like who thinks up these Geico commercials? Or car commercials? Or this recent commercial I saw? Johnny Depp narrates saying how he […]

I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That (for Money)

I did something I thought I’d never do – which is brave Bath and Body Works during the holidays. The place is crazy. But they were having  a(n equally) crazy candle sale and I will […]

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