Month: January 2018

The Ultimate Free Resource that Will Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

  In 2017, I decluttered my apartment, improved my language skills, wrote a quarter of my novel, and read 70 books. I did all these things with help from programs and services from my community’s […]

The Fearless Uncertainty of the New Year

  The first clue that something was off was the pint of strawberries. We don’t usually eat strawberries and it was the end of December – they were not in season. As I pondered the […]

Eye-opening: My Thoughts on The Paycheck to Paycheck Documentary

When I was in law school, I interned at the Legal Aid Center. One of my tasks was to help an elderly woman apply for jobs. Her name was Flossie and she was in her […]

Do you Shame Yourself for Spending Money?

I am addicted to my Fitbit. In fact, when I don’t wear my Fitbit, I will honestly sit on my butt all day. Thus, when I’m without my Fitbit, I get a little frantic. I’ve […]

Four Ways I Cut My Data Usage by Over 75%

I am a late adopter to technology. I got my first personal smart phone in 2013. So it should come as no surprise that I haven’t yet developed the habits to max out my data. I […]

I Haven’t Bought Groceries This Year, but I Have Plenty to Eat

While most people are resolving to spend their Januarys getting out and being more active, I have resolved to stay in as much as possible. I like to start my year by having a No-Buy January, […]

Make These 5 Easy Items from Scratch to Save Mega Money

The philosophy that saves me the most in my grocery budget is to shop less. It saves money, but more importantly, it saves time. If you buy processed, pre-made products, once you’ve finished them, you’re […]

This is the Wrong Way to Fight the Pay Gap

The news about Mark Wahlberg’s and Michelle Williams’ disparate pay is so puzzling to me. First, the news stories covering the reshoot seem to have left out the fact that Williams was willing to forgo […]

Ten Pricey Purchases That Were Worth Every Penny

Saving money is important but at some point, you have to wonder, when do I get to enjoy my life? My philosophy is that you should save for retirement and your emergency fund and your […]

This Stupidly Easy Tip from My Parents Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars

Source: It’s remarkably easy for me to feel ashamed. And the problem when I’m ashamed is that I clam up. And the problem with clamming up is that I don’t get help. But one time […]

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