I Haven’t Bought Groceries This Year, but I Have Plenty to Eat

While most people are resolving to spend their Januarys getting out and being more active, I have resolved to stay in as much as possible. I like to start my year by having a No-Buy January, including groceries. The last time I went shopping was December 30. To be fair, I did do a fair amount of shopping at the end of December. I spent $70 from Dec. 29-30 but most of that stuff was used for a party I threw. To be fairer, it’s only mid-January so I’ve only gone two weeks without going to the grocery store. This is my third week.

In 2017, I spent on average $35/week on groceries but as I live alone and make my food from scratch, I still have a lot of food leftover. (Also, I shop at Costco because it’s the closest grocery store to me). By now, I’ve exhausted all the prepared food in my freezer. I  still have quite a few proteins left – a few chicken breasts, ground beef, shrimp, bacon and salmon. I can still feast like a king even though I haven’t been to the grocery store in three weeks! For veggies, I have onions, garlic, frozen peas and spinach and some fresh carrots. For fruits, I have frozen strawberries and dates and frozen bananas. I buy a 10-pound bag from Costco and just eat carrots constantly. I cut off any mold and keep plugging along. Good thing I am a rabbit when it comes to carrots.

For grains, I still have rice, chickpea pasta and quinoa left. I have multiple kinds of flour – cake, bread, multipurpose, semolina, coconut and rye. I have raw popcorn kernels and homemade hummus for snacks. I have a full pantry of spices, salt and pepper and oil. I have some vegetable stock I made recently with saved vegetable trimmings that I keep in my freezer.

Here are the things I could make:

  1. Simple dinners of grain+protein+veg (fried rice, pasta, etc.)
  2. Smoothies with strawberries and bananas
  3. Bacon-wrapped dates
  4. Popcorn topped with olive oil, sea salt and rosemary
  5. Tempura shrimp and carrots (a fave)
  6. Pancakes/waffles with bacon
  7. Scones
  8. Chocolate chip or white chocolate cookies
  9. Crackers with hummus
  10. Strawberry banana muffins
  11. Strawberry banana pie

Worse to worse, I still have ramen in my pantry as well. I also have half a chicken pot pie I made that I’m still finishing. I probably don’t need to go shopping until February! Likely, I’ll buy some eggs and lemons from the convenience store.

But I don’t need to go to a proper grocery store or deprive myself in my meals. This practice has saved me $140 this month, plus the time spent going to the grocery store. Plus who wants to go to the store in the middle of a bomb cyclone?

What do you think of a no-buy January?



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