A Noncomprehensive List of items I Buy on eBay to Save Money

eBay used to be the place where I would buy expensive items on the cheap. But eBay has grown to sell basically everything for cheap. I use it to buy anything and everything these days.

1. Items that I lose all the time. 

I’ve lost the right hand for six pairs of gloves. SIX!  Continuing to spend tons of money on buying gloves is almost literally throwing them away  So I buy gloves in bulk on eBay. Also socks, because the people who can keep their socks from disappearing are tough task masters.

2. Things that I would want to have extras of. 

You can always use extra chargers or earbuds. You can have them at work, at home and for travel. If they’re cheap from eBay, you can make your life easier by having little extras. Money can make your life easier so it might as well.

3. Things that you can’t buy anywhere else.

eBay is the place I go to get sizes that are sold out online, or for weird little things that you can’t find anywhere.  For instance, I bought the perfect blush bridesmaid dress on eBay when the store was sold out of my size in my size.
eBay has a lot of great Asian sellers that sell tons of cute weird stuff you can’t get elsewhere. I love getting awesome Fitbit bracelets with cute designs that Fitbit refuses to sell for some reason. For $2, I bought 50 cotton sheet masks that I use as a base for lotions and serums. That means I can have 50 sheet masks for pennies instead of $3/per mask.

4. Things that are a little expensive but you wouldn’t typically expect to get on eBay.

The first thing I bought off eBay was a used Macbook. It was not the best idea because you never know how the computer was treated in its previous life. From that experience, I think I thought of eBay as the place for expensive items. But I use it now for less expensive everyday items. I love buying generic electric toothbrush heads, Clarisonic brush heads or Root Coverup spray. Those things are expensive! But you never think of getting them on eBay because it seems like a bit silly to save money on things like that. All of these items are about $10/each but you can get them for a few bucks each if you buy in bulk.
Once I got rid of my outdated notion that eBay is only for electronics, I saved myself dozens of dollars by buying in bulk for cheap. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about buying brush heads for a good long while.

5. Outdated items.

The problem with shopping is that you don’t know what will last the test of time until much later, and when you do realize it, the thing is sold out or not sold anymore so you can’t buy it again. eBay solves this problem. Something I love doing is when I find a great pair of sneakers that works for me, I will buy the same exact pair new on eBay. I can’t get it in the stores but eBay has been surprisingly good to me in terms of finding the same exact great products I know work for me.

6. Trendy accessories

Finally, use eBay for a bit of fun. Try out the latest trends (which are the trends from the 1980s now if you’ve been following fashion). Chokers, velvet, jelly shoes. Sometimes it’s fun to add a little bit of strange to your regular wardrobe. eBay makes it easy and cheap to see and try a wide variety of styles of trends. Find what works for you and don’t break the bank on stuff that doesn’t.

This is not a paid advertisement for eBay, I swear. But I do hope that you consider the site when you do your shopping. It’s a treasure trove of deals.

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