The Weird and Easy Hack I Use to Make Failure Fun


I made a resolution this year to apply to one guest post and one job every week. This means I’m putting myself out there, but also means I’m getting a lot of rejection.

Rejection is hard! It hurts the self-esteem. It dampers the spirit. It can be hard to keep going when faced with so much rejection. So how do I do it?

Well, full disclaimer, I’ve only been doing this for two months. But I’m still very excited about these goals! I keep myself excited by playing a little game.

Do you know how to play football? If you don’t, basically each team has to advance across the length of the field. Each team gets four attempts (called “downs”) to advance the ball 10 yards. Generally, if the team doesn’t advance the ball 10 yards in three downs, they’ll kick/punt the ball to the other team; otherwise the opposing team gets the ball at the last place the ball was downed, which is usually advantageous to the opposing team.

Basically, I’ve made a little football game for myself to deal with rejections. I apply for three jobs and if I get three rejections, I give myself a bit of a rest. In my mind, I punt it away. If I get an acceptance along the way, I keep on trucking along! I hold that acceptance in my mind and reset the counter. It makes me feel like I’m advancing towards my goals even if the win is a little bit trivial at times.

It’s a fun, silly way not to see myself as endless rejections. Even great teams go three and out sometimes. Then they take a break, regroup and try again. It gives me a bit of grace to deal with a string of rejections but also keeps me pumped up when I succeed. I can just envision myself trucking along the field until finally, hopefully, one day, I’ll get my touchdown!

What do you think of this method for facing rejection?


8 thoughts on “The Weird and Easy Hack I Use to Make Failure Fun

  1. It is pretty cool. So much of life is about how you frame it, and finding ways to enjoy almost every day. My favorite mental trick was to always reward every win, even the small ones with some kind of treat. I never rewarded failures, just victories. I think your idea would have been a great adder to what I was doing because in life the small failures are so common and necessary to achieving the wins!

    1. Life is all about perspective. And I’ve heard a number of successful people say that they loved the whole process tip to tail including failure and that’s why they succeeded. But when you win, of course you should celebrate! Thanks for reading.

  2. I say keep up the good work! I found your blog through the Rockstar Finance Directory daily feed and enjoyed your writing so much that I went all the way back through ALL of your posts! So many things resonated with me, you have a great way of looking at things! So yes, keep trying for guest posts, jobs and anything else you desire! I’m looking forward to what you have to say:)

    1. Kiki, your comment just made my month! I will certainly keep going and it’s nice encouraging comments like yours that make the process SO much easier! Thanks for reading.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this and love the football analogy. It helps frame failure in such a logical, and positive, way. I actually read this a few days back after our meetup on Sunday, and meant to leave a comment. Anyways, the analogy really stuck with me. So much so that I brought it up at a writing workshop I attended, when the topic of failure came up. So wanted to give you credit where credit is due!

    1. Yay I’m getting my ideas to the masses! The idea came to me when I was watching a football game. It was probably the Skins and they were probably down as they always are. But there was so much time left in the game that even ardent pessimists would say, you have to keep going. They still had downs left so, of course you have to keep going. And I thought, what if our lives were like football games? Well, we’d keep going!

      Thanks for stopping by and great meeting you!

  4. Love this! I am currently happy in my job, but know one day I’d like to advance in a way gov work doesn’t allow. I’m practicing the job hunt now to make it easier haha.
    Failure and rejection kill me. They shred my self confidence, spiral me into panic attacks, and make me so depressed. It’s so unhealthy! So, I decided to just get myself out there, and each rejection gets easier. I never thought I’d say I appreciate failure, but I do! Glad to see your way of coping with rejection, I need to steal it 🙂

    1. I heard some comment once that was like, if you love doing the grunt work, you are very likely to succeed. So we have to trick ourselves into loving the process. We can’t promise the outcomes but we’ll get better and keep trying. Thanks for reading!

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