Month: March 2018

The Huge Financial Privilege No One Talks About

How watching my parents’ live their lives has set me up for financial success.

Yes, You Can Retire Early With a Low Income: A Guide to Saving Money by Not Having Expenses

**THIS IS A SATIRICAL ARTICLE.** The FIRE (that’s Financially Independent, Retire Early) crowd has gotten some blowback for not offering enough content to the lower-income folks. Well, I saw some other rich person write an […]

Why My Favorite Student Loan Debt Payoff Stories are Boring

I’m sure you’ve seen the clickbait headlines – student pays off $100,000, $200,000 in debt in a ridiculously short time. Heck that’s me too: How I Paid Off $112,000 in Debt in 18 Months Awhile […]

The Unexpected Reason Why It’s Easier for the Rich to Save and Harder for the Poor

That feeling when you see a low-income person with nicer stuff than you My mother had heard that some kids at our church couldn’t afford new clothes. So she asked me to help her pick […]

Unforgettable Personal Finance Articles that Actually Changed My Life

I’ve got the “earn money, save money” thing down. So why do I keep reading personal finance articles? Probably for the chance that they will inspire. When we talk about money, we aren’t always talking […]

What Amazing Things Would You Do With Your Money if You Weren’t So Gigantically Afraid?

Spiders, heights, violence, mothers-in-law – we all have our fears. But are we responding to our fears in a productive way? And do we have to live in fear for the rest of our lives?

How to Meet Excellent People, Eat and Drink, and Support a Fantastic Cause for (Basically) Free

Last night, I got dolled up in an evening gown and heels, got my makeup professionally done, and went to a $1,000/seat gala. For dinner, I had amazingly tender short ribs, bright green beans, creamy […]

Believing This Myth is Keeping You Perpetually Broke

Photo by Luca Zanon on Unsplash An equity partner at my firm once asked me how I was and I replied with what I thought was the perfect answer – “Good. Busy.” He gave me a quizzical look […]

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