Why My Next Car Will Be a Luxury Car

pexels-photo-724495.jpegDespite being happily car free for two years, I already know what car I will get in the future –  a 2015 white Acura ILX with approximately 50,000 miles.

I think the frugalest among us would gripe – DON’T GET A LUXURY CAR!!! YOU’RE FALLING INTO CON-SOOOOOOOM-ERRRRR-ISM-ism-ism (imagine that with a ghost voice echoing).
I’m not choosing this car because it’s a luxury car or even a car I particularly like. I’m choosing it because it’s my mom’s car, she doesn’t like it, and it has a poor trade-in value. She wants to get a new car, and I don’t have a car, so when she decides on a new car, I’ll purchase her old one.
I guess some people would think, well that’s your mom’s mistake and you shouldn’t have to pay for it. I mean, I don’t really understand that way of thinking but let me explain what our way of thinking is.
So our family is Chinese and my parents left China because they’re not big fans of communism. The basic problem with communism is you can’t trust others to keep working if they can get everything for free. Ironically, our family operates like a quasi-Communist unit. If someone needs money, money flows to that person freely. The plus side is that there’s a lot of trust and we also know everyone’s finances. We are lucky in that everyone is a self-sustaining ship.
The benefits include a sense of unity. We are very Asian in that we never split the cost of anything if we are out together. We pay for each others’ groceries if we’re shopping together. We never ask to be repaid for anything. If anyone were to ask for money from everyone else, it would be considered a gift – there is never mention of paying someone back. To us, that’s how one would treat strangers, not family. It also just makes life easier, making it seem like we have extra emergency funds (though we keep our own personal emergency funds as well).
It also helps our peace of mind to have others that you can depend on to help you out. Or even that demand to help you out. My parents get pretty annoyed if I buy something that they could give to me for free. I’m afraid to buy new dishes or towels because my family will see them and wonder why I thought their 10 year old towels weren’t good enough anymore. In fact, I never throw anything out without first considering if someone else in my family would want it. Waste not.
I’m pretty sure this is normal among the immigrant community. My friend drove a really fancy Mercedes that wasn’t his style for years. He said his brother needed to sell it to get a minivan for his growing family. It didn’t matter that he could have and may have wanted a cheaper or different car. Money is more than thinking about oneself – it always involves thinking about the family unit.
I remember rolling up to CampFi in a black dress, black cashmere sweater, designer shoes and driving a Lexus. I thought, I hope no one sees me. I had just come from work and, because I didn’t have a car, I borrowed my dad’s car, while he was on vacation. My whole outfit cost $100 and I had worn it for years. This was the cheapest car I could get. It didn’t look like I was frugal. And I guess it’s good that I didn’t care how I looked.
It’s funny because so much about “being frugal” seems to be “looking frugal.” People brag about their rusty cars and the holes in their pants. But just as everyone knows that having expensive stuff doesn’t mean you’re rich, having  expensive stuff also doesn’t mean you’re spending too much or that you’re not wealthy. In the future, I may drive around in a fancy car but it’s not because I view the car as a sign of monetary wealth. The car would be a sign of the wealth that I have accrued based on the strength of my family.

4 thoughts on “Why My Next Car Will Be a Luxury Car

  1. Love the post – although I didn’t know I was meant to brag about the rust on my car! I do love my car, despite it being very beat up on the outside.

    And I have to say I have no idea what an Acura is….but I’m guessing it’s a car that’s so massive you’d never be able to have it over here!

    And your family sounds really sweet 🙂

    1. I’ve seen some posts bragging about rusty cars!

      An Acura is a fancy Honda.

      Well I haven’t written about my family’s foibles yet. Don’t worry that’ll come soon!

  2. Are you talking about me? I have openly bragged that my wife’s 2005 Toyota Corolla has missing hub caps and a bullet hole. Not only does it give us some credibility from a frugality standpoint, but it gives her some street cred as a big bad prosecutor. Well, now she doesn’t work and I bought a Tesla… there goes our frugal credibility!

    Btw, it’s awesome you have such a strong and giving family. Buying your mom’s car is a win-win. She doesn’t like, you buy it. And the money stays within the family 🙂

    1. Ha no I was specifically not talking to you, Mr. Tesla! But that bullet hole is serious cred. I would brag about that more than the rust!

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