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What Would You Do With Your Money if You Weren’t So Afraid?

Spiders, heights, violence, mothers-in-law – we all have our fears. But are we responding to our fears in a productive way? And do we have to live in fear for the rest of our lives?

PSA: Every Woman’s Job is as Important as any Other Woman’s Job

In an article about an upcoming movie featuring gun-toting women with STEM degrees, the characters were called “badass bitches.”¬† I thought, if these women were baby-toting women with sociology degrees – are these not badass […]

Why “Frugal” is My Least Favorite F-word

Don’t you hate it when you share something with a friend and instead of mindlessly complimenting it, and you, by extension, they offer completely valid criticism? Me too. Please keep mindlessly complimenting this blog. Thank […]

I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That (for Money)

I did something I thought I’d never do – which is brave Bath and Body Works during the holidays. The place is crazy. But they were having¬† a(n equally) crazy candle sale and I will […]

The Power of Community

There was a famous antidrug PSA during the 1980s that showed a rat alone in a cage with two water bottles. One bottle was filled with pure water and the other was laced with cocaine. […]

On Treating Yo’Self: How to Splurge Without Guilt I had lunch at Popeye’s – 3 piece platter with 2 sides and a biscuit. I had one of those sugarbomb Starbucks Holiday drinks the other day. I also ate a cinnamon bun. I’ve […]

The Best Way to Deal with Bad Service

I took my mom out to lunch yesterday. Or to be more clear, I intended to pay for her but the meal was comped. A half hour after we ordered, we noticed the cooks were […]

Abundance 4: Giving and Getting

I completely forgot two more things from my series of cultivating abundance – some really important parts too (so I guess it’s good that this blog doesn’t have a big following, phew!). Counterintuitively, giving is […]

The Ability to Change

It always amazes me when people change. In a different crowd, I would probably complain about people’s addictions to drugs or sex or alcohol. But in my circles, too often I encounter people who complain […]

Cultivating Abundance Part 3: Clearing the Chaff

So now you’ve decided to feel abundant, you have the right mindset, but you still have all this STUFF and nothing to wear. I’ve heard the criticisms over Marie Kondo and minimalism- that these concepts […]

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