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What Would You Do With Your Money if You Weren’t So Afraid?

Spiders, heights, violence, mothers-in-law – we all have our fears. But are we responding to our fears in a productive way? And do we have to live in fear for the rest of our lives?

You Can Be a Feminist and Have a Big Wedding

Personal finance blogs can be the source of some great financial wisdom but also a lot of judgmental and conflicting advice. For instance, many financial bloggers espouse the idea that one should choose experiences over stuff. […]

Why I Moved

I moved 4 miles and a world away. Whenever people visit my new apartment, they ask why I moved four miles to a worse neighborhood. I explain that this apartment is cheaper and larger and […]

The Beautiful Uncertainty of the New Year

The first clue that something was off was the pint of strawberries. We don’t usually eat strawberries and it was the end of December – they were not in season. As I pondered the mystery […]

Thoughts on Paycheck to Paycheck Documentary

When I was in law school, I interned at the Legal Aid Center. One of my tasks was to help an elderly woman apply for jobs. Her name was Flossie and she was in her […]

Three Reasons Your Budget Sucks

Let’s face it – following a budget sucks. Setting the monthly food budget, for instance, may be easy but following the budget requires a never-ending slew of decisions and judgments.  Caviar or foie gras? (maybe […]

Cook at Home: Save Money, Save the Country

When I was just starting out as an adult, my mother chastised me for eating out too often (which was never more than a few times a week). She said eating out would make me […]

You Are What You Give: A List of Charities Worth Supporting

In case you need some inspiration about which charities to which you should direct your year-end donations, these are the ones I support: Groceryships  I read about this charity from goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s magazine. They […]

How to Conquer Your Fears

I did something scary the other day (I can’t remember what it was exactly). And I remember a moment of fear when I thought I would just turn back. So I thought of the worst […]

Why Having a Purpose is More Important than Having a Budget

If you read biographies of successful people, the beginning is often very tragic (and sometimes the middle and the end, as well).* I remember reading about Mission Chinese Danny Bowien’s early years as a cook at a […]

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