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The Personal Finance Articles that Changed my Life

I’ve got the earn money, save money thing down. So why do I keep reading personal finance articles? Probably for the chance that they will inspire. When we talk about money, we aren’t always talking […]

The Easy Trick I Use to Make Failure Fun

I made a resolution this year to apply to one guest post and one job every week. This means I’m putting myself out there, but also means I’m getting a lot of rejection. Rejection is […]

The Amazing Free Resource that Will Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

In 2017, I decluttered my apartment, improved my language skills, wrote a quarter of my novel, and read 70 books. I did all these things with help from programs and services from my community’s best […]

Do you Shame Yourself for Spending Money?

I am addicted to my Fitbit. In fact, when I don’t wear my Fitbit, I will honestly sit on my butt all day. Thus, when I’m without my Fitbit, I get a little frantic. I’ve […]

2017 in Review: A Life Online and Off

The recurring themes in 2017 were Craigslist, art (consuming and creating), experimentation and failure. I picked up some good habits and some questionable ones. I read and learned a lot – mostly about relationships and […]

Why “Frugal” is My Least Favorite F-word

Don’t you hate it when you share something with a friend and instead of mindlessly complimenting it, and you, by extension, they offer completely valid criticism? Me too. Please keep mindlessly complimenting this blog. Thank […]

My Favorite Books and Podcasts of 2017

It’s sometimes surprising that I have a full time job because I consume an inordinate amount of media (it probably comes from being single and not having kids or friends). So far this year, 68 […]

How to Spend A Lot on Things that are Free

Yes, you read that title correctly. (And hey, you clicked on the link, so it’s your own fault). There are innumerable websites on how to get expensive luxury good items for cheap. Most of those […]

What I’ve Learned from Reading My Journal

After many years of trying, this is the first year I’ve been able to consistently keep a journal since I was a kid. The research on writing in a journal is pretty settled. It reduces […]

Kaizen Method:  Read one page a day

Kaizen (改善), is the Japanese word for “improvement.”  And the Kaizen Effect is the idea of getting 1% better everyday.  Another way to look at it is “No Zero Days,” which is saying that every day […]

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