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A Noncomprehensive List of items I Buy on eBay to Save Money

eBay used to be the place where I would buy expensive items on the cheap. But eBay has grown to sell basically everything for cheap. I use it to buy anything and everything these days. […]

Help! My Lifestyle is DEflating!

Financial experts say one should continue to live like a grad student even after starting work to avoid lifestyle inflation. I took this advice to heart when I graduated from law school. I maintained my […]

Do you Shame Yourself for Spending Money?

I am addicted to my Fitbit. In fact, when I don’t wear my Fitbit, I will honestly sit on my butt all day. Thus, when I’m without my Fitbit, I get a little frantic. I’ve […]

Ten Pricey Purchases That Were Worth Every Penny

Saving money is important but at some point, you have to wonder, when do I get to enjoy my life? My philosophy is that you should save for retirement and your emergency fund and your […]

How to Stay Sane When Everyone Seems Richer than You

via GIPHY I don’t know why I read fashion magazines. They are created and designed to make you feel bad. I remember reading a blog post about a magazine that airbrushed Heidi Klum’s face. The […]

What Amount of Money is Not Worth Saving?

When I was a kid, I thought my family was poor. So poor in fact that when we would eat out, I would get the cheapest item on the menu – chicken fried rice. I’ve […]

How Watching TV Can Help you Reach your New Year’s Goals

I would love to see the meetings where TV commercial directors make pitches. Like who thinks up these Geico commercials? Or car commercials? Or this recent commercial I saw? Johnny Depp narrates saying how he […]

I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That (for Money)

I did something I thought I’d never do – which is brave Bath and Body Works during the holidays. The place is crazy. But they were havingĀ  a(n equally) crazy candle sale and I will […]

How to Spend A Lot on Things that are Free

Yes, you read that title correctly. (And hey, you clicked on the link, so it’s your own fault). There are innumerable websites on how to get expensive luxury good items for cheap. Most of those […]

The Best Way to Deal with Bad Service

I took my mom out to lunch yesterday. Or to be more clear, I intended to pay for her but the meal was comped. A half hour after we ordered, we noticed the cooks were […]

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