Hi I’m Lisa. I’m a 30-something singleton lawyer from the DC area blogging about how singles can use money to create a great life.

What Is this Blog About?

I started this blog as just a creative outlet from my job and to recover from a bad breakup. I initially thought I’d write tips and tricks for saving money (and I have a lot of posts that cover those topics see, e.g. 123) but my focus has evolved into how to create a happy and meaningful life using money as a tool. I skewer the traditional advice, but I would never shame you for spending money in a way that makes sense for you.
I’m also interested in how money affects our relationships with other people. We are often prone to judging and less prone to empathy.  But we’re all struggling with unlearning the bad habits we were taught in the past. Sometimes I analyze my past dating relationships and I talk to other people about their dating lives and how their money scripts have affected their relationships. It’s so interesting to see how deeply ingrained our money beliefs are.

Where did the name “The Give and Get” come from?

My parents were frugal immigrants, they were not cheap.  Asian people are very generous with their families so my mom never understood cheap people. As my mom put it, “you have to give to get!” You have to give of yourself to get friends. You have to give of your money to get results. You have to be a generous giver in order to get anything good in life. I don’t mean this to sound like the prosperity gospel – nothing is guaranteed no matter what you give. But I believe that proper money management is not about withholding or hoarding money. Money is a tool that needs to be used. Good personal finance is about figuring the best way to give your money  (spend, donate) in order to get something much better, whether it be time, freedom, meaning or a better world.

Other articles I’ve written:

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Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.

-Frederick Buechner



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  1. HI, How do I sign up to get your posts delivered to my inbox? I don’t see a subscribe button anywhere on your website. Thanks!


    1. Hi m!

      That’s a really good question that I couldn’t figure out at first either. I’ve changed the layout of the home page so there’s a subscribe link prominently displayed!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. My name is Kyley Hagan. I recently have been scouring the internet for fun, finance based blogs with a goal that aims to change the way our society looks at finance. I came across TheGiveandGet, and felt your blog had a feeling that aligns with this message.

    I want to tell you about our story. Two college grads who decided to turn down their jobs and create Grifin, an app that is going to change the way people look at investing/putting cash away for the better. Our concept is simple, swipe your card and automatically own 1.00 of stock in the location you just shopped at. If it’s a mom and pop, or a private location, 1.00 will be added to your Grifin cash account which acts in a similar fashion to a savings. We’ve eliminated the need for bargraphs and allowed for users to understand specifically where their money is going!

    I would love to chat some more about what you are doing/what we are doing. Please check out our website: http://www.grifin.com



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