How to Stay Sane When Everyone Seems Richer than You


I don’t know why I read fashion magazines. They are created and designed to make you feel bad. I remember reading a blog post about a magazine that airbrushed Heidi Klum’s face. The bloggers were incredulous, questioning who could possibly think that Heidi Klum wasn’t pretty enough, that one could improve on Heidi Klum’s face. No one can ever match the ideal because¬†what’s portrayed is impossible, unreal.

It reminds me a little of reading personal finance blogs. Sometimes I need a break from them because I just feel poor by comparison. And it’s mind-boggling because I’m not reading stories from the rich and famous. Someone like me should probably feel “rich enough” because 1) I have made six figures for the past five years; 2) I have no debt; 3) I have no dependents and live a simple lifestyle; and 4) I don’t live in NYC or SF. There are no secrets to my financial situation.

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