The Cost of Getting Sick


I got a cold 2 Wednesdays ago and I’m almost completely back to health. Here’s what I spent in the meantime.
Spoiler alert: because I’m single, childless, wealthy and white-collar, it doesn’t cost that much or ruin my life to be sick.

Working from home for 2 days: Free (I couldn’t take off the first day I was sick due to workload though).
Going to a doctor: Free. I pay to be part of a medical service that allows for free video calls to talk to a doctor when I’m sick. So I was able to call a doctor in the evening, wait for 5 minutes and talk for 10 minutes without having to drive anywhere or find a doctor.
Prescriptions: $60 (I had to buy an inhaler because of my bronchospasms. Also, I have a high-deductible health plan).
Groceries and materials to make tea and chicken soup: $48
Tissues from the convenience store: $5

Total: $113

Photo Source: Virtual Shadows